JUST IN: Latest Evidence Hillary’s Health Is TANKING…No One Saw This Coming!

There is a very real possibility that Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton is seriously ill.

The fact that she has yet to release her medical records is a concern to all citizens. If she were in perfect health, then there would be no problem. But her unwillingness to be forthright in this area is causing many to believe she is in fact suffering from an illness.

Some have suggested the degenerative disease Parkinson’s.

Heat Street sheds some more light on the matter:

What’s going on with Hillary Clinton’s health? That’s a question many people are asking these days. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the mysterious health scare Clinton suffered in December 2012, when she was hospitalized for what was later described as a blood clot on her brain.

The event was shrugged off as a minor scare, and Hillary eventually returned to work as secretary of state, sporting a pair of very thick spectacles. However, in 2014, Bill Clinton revealed that his wife’s “terrible” health episode “required six months of very serious work to get over.”

Some of Hillary’s behavior over the course of the campaign has been described by observers as ‘erratic’ … leading some critics to raise questions about her current health.

We’ve recently covered a report from a top pharmaceutical executive that discusses she may be ill.  It’s clear Clinton suffered a serious setback in 2012. That was only a few years ago. It could have been an indication of a greater medical issue, or a one-time episode that is still causing problems.

The real danger is that we could have a major presidential candidate running in full knowledge that she will be unfit to lead, should she be elected. How could Hillary Clinton have the audacity to run for president, when she faces serious, life-altering medical issues?

But it’s the height of the Clinton’s ego to ignore a real concern. To her, the American people don’t deserve an able-bodied, healthy president. Hillary wants the White House, so she’s going to get it, regardless of whether she has Parkinson’s or some other terrible disease.

It’s that kind of attitude that is making voters worried. Unless Clinton is willing to be honest about her health, we have no reason to support her.

Honesty. Huh, there’s something new, eh Hillary?

Source: Heat Street

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