SHOCK POLL: Latest National Numbers Are IN! The Floor Just DROPPED OUT On…

No one is arguing that the past two weeks have seen some extremely important events in the campaign race.

First there was Donald Trump taking control of the media narrative with his disciplined but passionate approach to laying out his policies, from his immigration speech to his economic plans.  His trip to Mexico surprised the world and gave voters a chance to see him as presidential.

Then Hillary’s illness struck.  While some were hoping this would damage her, the question remained of whether the American people would have sympathy for an ailing grandmother and if her team had successfully covered up the worst of it.

Based on new polling out from LA Times/USC, America has its answer:


Donald Trump has taken a resounding 5 point lead.  That’s up 8 points from only 3 days ago.  It really isn’t hyperbole to say the floor has dropped out on Hillary.  America has no confidence in her ability to lead the nation, whether it be physically or by force of character.  What has horrified Democrats so much in this debacle is Hillary’s immediate response to lie about it.  To withhold her “pneumonia” diagnosis for days while meeting with people, to rush off to Chelsea’s apartment without telling the media where she was going, to break Secret Service protocol, to seemingly rebound as if nothing happened (with her hair restyled and her earrings replaced).

The internals are showing a big swing among young people, those with a high school degree or less, those with an income over $75k, and men.  But maybe the biggest indication of a seismic shift is the general perception of who is going to win the election.  The media has been winning that war against Trump and the numbers had not budged for months, but the last few days have made an extraordinary difference, and they are finally within the margin of error for the first time since the conventions.


The American people are quickly deciding that Donald trump is the only man in the race fit and trustworthy enough to lead our country.  This steep trend over the last 3 days is not likely to change course quickly as Donald continues to stay on message and Hillary hides out and recovers off the trail.  There may be more roller coaster moments ahead, but we have definitely seen a major turning point in the race.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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