BREAKING: The Latest Numbers Are In…There’s a DANGEROUS Pattern Developing!

We keep saying here at Patriot Journal that any one poll will not tell you much.  But when you see the trends line up with the realities of the campaign, they can be a great determination of the race.

A couple weeks ago there was a major inflection point where Hillary Clinton lost her post-convention, media-fueled bounce and the race again looked close.

“Close” would be stretching it now.  One candidate has begun to show a solid lead over the other.

And his name is Donald Trump.  The Los Angeles Times/USC poll reports:


For those who follow all the polls, it is clear that the LA Times has been a bit more favorable to Trump, as he has led the majority of the time since July.  But he has taken control of the news cycle with his immigration speech and trip to Mexico.  He has also proven to be far more disciplined in his comments and message.  One key demographic gives a lot of insight:


Trump has been unable to make a dent in the college educated crowd, but he has solidified his support among the blue-collar, lower-educated community.  This will be a key source of energy for Trump going into the fall.  We are still looking out to see if the trend continues upward for Trump, especially in other media polls, but things are looking up for Trump at just the right time.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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