SHOCK POLL: Latest Numbers Are In! Swing States Seeing MASSIVE Shift Towards…

It was only a matter of time before the Democratic National Convention bump faded. For a short time over the month of August, it looked like Hillary Clinton had this election all wrapped up.

The enthusiasm of the convention helped give her an edge in polls, especially in key swing states. However, those polls tend to be very one-sided and inaccurate, given the fervor of the conventions.

As the dust settled and Donald Trump continued his campaign of connecting with the American people, we’ve seen the real America come through. As Hillary hides from reporters, ignored Louisiana, and does nothing to help the racial divide, Trump seems to be everywhere.

He travelled to Milwaukee to reach out to the black community. He went to Louisiana to assert his support of flood victims. And he even went to Mexico and established a rapport with President Nieto.

All the while more dirty laundry comes out from the Clinton cabal.

So it’s no surprise that Trump is gaining in the most recent polls.  Ignore the top line electoral college numbers—the real news is in the swing states Trump has taken charge.

From Truth Feed:

On the heels of Trump’s amazing and fiery AMERICA FIRST immigration speech, filled with fresh ideas, common sense solutions, and compassionate resolutions to decades-long immigrations problems, it appears that America is waking up and saying NO MORE to globalism.

Trump is gaining steam, make no mistake. It was only a matter of time. Trump is brilliantly reaching out to all facets of American culture. While Hillary represents everything wrong with our current government, Trump offers fresh hope for the future.

Source: Truth Feed

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