BREAKING: The Latest Numbers Are In…Donald Trump Is Making His Move!

Both major party candidates have been pummeled by the media since the conventions, but of course they have ignored most of Hillary’s scandals, which have been far worse than Donald’s.  The polls have supported the narrative being dreamed up by the mainstream media, but they can’t hide the growing concern over Hillary’s email hacks and health concerns.

The LA Times/USC poll tracks registered voters daily, and they have recorded a diminishing bounce from Hillary’s convention.  The latest numbers are great news to the Trump campaign’s ears.

Trump is now trailing Hillary by only 1 point, well within the margin of error.  The daily poll also attempts to make some extrapolation of the data. From the LA Times:

Trump holds an advantage among voters without a college degree. White voters who have not graduated from college are a core source of support for Trump.

Disaffected white middle-class voters have been the backbone of Donald Trump’s presidential run, as the poll shows.

Trump saw a significant bounce in his support from women after the Republican convention, but Clinton rebounded quickly after her convention. Trump’s support among men has remained fairly steady.

While this poll is one of the most helpful to see the daily numbers, most of their analysis is heavily skewed.  To read their takeaways would make anyone think Trump is 10 points down, and yet he has been within the margin of error for weeks (since their poll consists of “eligible voters”).

Americans must be vigilant to analyze the information coming out of the media and not become disheartened if they seem to portray a losing battle.  The only poll that matters is on November 8th.  Make sure your voice is heard that day.

Source: LA Times

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