BREAKING: Latest Poll Shows MASSIVE Shift With Minorities…No One Saw This Coming! – WOW

Political junkies have a love-hate relationship with polls. Hillary Clinton apologists keep insisting she’s at least ten points ahead, but this hasn’t been the case since the end of the Democratic National Convention.

As the race heats up, particular attention is focused on the numbers coming out of so-called “battleground” states. Florida is one such state — the lynchpin in any White House win.

Now Michelle Jesse reports on a Florida poll with some surprising results:

A Florida Atlantic University (FAU) poll shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in Florida 43 to 41 percent, with Libertarian Gary Johnson taking 8 percent and 5 percent undecided. Meanwhile, a separate statewide poll by the Florida Chamber of Commerce shows the GOP candidate with a 4-point lead over his Democrat opponent, 43% to 39%. (…)

The fact that Trump is leading in another Florida poll this week is one thing, but what the internals reveal is turning heads:

According to the FAU poll, Trump leads among white voters 49% to 33%. And while he trails with African Americans and Hispanics, the gap may not be as wide as some would have you believe. Trump gets 20% of the African American vote in Florida (to Clinton’s 68%) and — here’s what may shock some — 40% of the Hispanic vote (to Clinton’s 50%). (…)

Trump’s lead among independents is decisive in the FAU poll, which shows Independents going for Trump by a wide margin of 47% to 26%.

So Trump is gaining with minorities and independents like nobody’s business.  No one, especially not the Clinton campaign, expected him to be polling far ahead of Romney or McCain, and in a battleground state like Florida, this could be an indication of a broader movement and a deciding factor in the election.


Credit: Allen B. West

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