BREAKING: Lawmakers Drop BOMBSHELL On Jill Stein…Taxpayers Are CHEERING!

The presidential election vote recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, championed by green party candidate Jill Stein, has made little difference in the ballot tallies, so far, other than to add to the total number of votes for Trump or disqualify Hillary votes, voter fraud notwithstanding!

Legislators in Michigan have had enough of Stein’s shenanigans and have decided to introduce legislation making a recount a little more daunting to prevent it from being done for spurious reasons.

From Conservative Tribune:

Americans from both major political parties have been outraged over former Green Party nominee Jill Stein’s attempts to launch recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — states that were key to President-elect Donald Trump’s victory.

In Michigan especially, where taxpayers would have had to fork over millions for the recount, some lawmakers were trying to pass legislation that would ensure that something like this never happens again — while leaving the door open for the possibility of legitimate recount efforts in the future, Detroit Free Press reported.

A bill that passed the Michigan House Elections Committee on Tuesday would make it so that candidates who lose the election by more than 5 percent would have to pay the entire cost of the recount.

So far, according to the The Detroit News, Michigan taxpayers have paid about $4 million dollars for the recount compared to Jill stein’s $1 million which is what they are hoping to fix! The legislation would be retroactive back to Jan. 1, 2016 meaning that Stein would have to fork over the rest of the cost of the recount which would deplete most of the funds she has collected.

As far as we can tell, all the recount has done is extend the agony for Hillary supporters and anger Trump’s….and all for nothing!

Source: Conservative Trubune




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