Leader Of Europe’s Anti-Islamists Issues A Call That Every American MUST SEE! [WATCH]

Unusual for a European politician, he travels with a battalion of bodyguards, thanks to all the “fatwas” Muslim fanatics have issued against him.He is almost continuously in court facing another round of “hate speech” charges.

Yet Dutch politician Geert Wilders continues his seemingly tireless, often lonely campaign to preserve what’s left of Western civilization — and then reanimate what has been lost.

This week Wilders issued a clarion call in a video that’s gone viral. In frank, simple, yet stirring language, he urges ordinary people to stand up for liberty around the world and crush the rising tide of Islamic fanaticism.

Breitbart reports:

“Look at what happened in Orlando a few weeks ago. Look at what happened last March at Brussels airport and metro station, look at what happened at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris last November. Look at what happened in San Bernardino last December.

“The list is endless. And everything this list has in common is Islam”. (…)

“Those who are already here are welcome to stay if they live according to our laws and constitution. But if they want to live according to Sharia law they should go to places like Saudi Arabia where there are no elections and no freedom of speech.

“Where women and non-Muslims are inferior beings and where dissidents are jailed, lashed are executed. We are the opposite of that and we want to keep it that way. More and more Patriots all over the Wet are beginning to realize that it is the time to draw the line.”

Wilders is calling for a “Patriot Spring,” the spirit of the Prague Spring and other uprisings. Indeed, no one can deny that populism is on the rise in much of the West. His timing is impeccable.

For those who, like Wilders, have been raising the alarm about Islamic terror since 9/11 and even before, the battle is often depressing and exhausting. Being called “racist,” risking (or losing) jobs and friends, feeling surrounded by opponents, appeasers and the just plain clueless, leads many to despair.

Simply hearing Wilders’ injunction to “reject the fatalism” will give new hope to many, as will his concrete ideas for what actions to take.

Source: Breitbart

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