WHOA! Leaked Cruz Internal Poll BLOWING UP The Race…This Is NOT What They Expected!

Ted Cruz’s campaign is quickly running out of steam.

They always knew that New York and the northeast states were going to be rough, but they were banking on being able to bounce back in Indiana before shifting their focus to friendlier ground out west in order to stage a comeback against Donald Trump.

What they failed to anticipate was the breathe and depth of Trump’s wins out east which gave him far more delegates and far more momentum than anticipated.

Now it looks like the Indiana gambit is heading towards a brick wall. But don’t take our word for it, just look at Ted Cruz’s own internal polling, as reported in Prntly…

Ted Cruz’s “internal” polling, which is polling a candidate or campaign does themselves, shows nothing but carnage and horror for the Texas Senator, showing his Fiorina gamble was a flub.

Meanwhile, the Pence endorsement was a disaster.

Screenshot (71)

Source: Prntly

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