WHOA! Hillary Paid Speech Quote Sheet Released…This is INSANE!

Demands for a “Gulf-stream 450 or larger” and a “presidential suite” wouldn’t be out of place in a rock star’s “rider” — those contractual must-haves they demand before agreeing to perform, like the type of champagne they want waiting backstage.

Now a leaked memo reveals that Hillary Clinton demands both those things for every speaking engagement, and more importantly, that she’s been lying about her fees all along.

According to Conservative Tribune:

Clinton claimed that she only took what companies offered her when it came to compensation for her speeches, but an alleged leaked document showed that Clinton actually had very specific demands regarding her speaking engagements.

The document published by WZ detailed Clinton’s “standard requirements” for speaking, and they were absolutely absurd. She wanted $225,000 as a flat fee, in addition to other amenities. (…)

The document described the type of private jet that Clinton needed for transportation — a “Gulf-stream 450 or larger” — and noted that the host would need to pay the airfare for her staff to show up ahead of time as well.

The host also needed to provide hotel accommodations for Clinton and the plethora of people who travel with her. The memo outlined that Clinton was to have a presidential suite (ironic, considering her current situation), and her staff was to stay in adjoining rooms.

One of the weirdest (but not uncommon) “riders” is the demand that no one at the rock star’s hotel or venue make eye contact with them. In Hillary Clinton’s case, it’s clear that she doesn’t want anyone looking to closely at her, either. It’s incredible that the American public has to rely on leaked documents to find out the truth about a woman who wants to be their president.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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