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LEAKED: ‘Moderate’ Cleric Explains How Muslim Men Should Treat American Women…Patriots Are OUTRAGED!
By Faith Braverman|May 3, 2017

For all the left’s complaining about religious conservatives in America, Christians in the U.S. are absolute angels compared to the Muslim theocrats in the Middle East.

The Quran is filled with passages that radical Muslims seem hellbent on carrying out, despite the fact that their laws have no place in a civilized world.

The more barbaric tenets of Islam include murdering non-Muslims and oppressing women.

Sadly, one female Islamic cleric is throwing her own gender under the bus in an attempt to tell Muslim terrorists everything that they want to hear about what they’re allowed to do with the women they capture.

From Truth And Action:

What we have below is a woman alleging to be an Islamic scholar who claims that Muslim men can rape “Non-Muslim women.” She also delves into the issue of the taking of slaves in war, but the central point she attempts to make is the legitimacy of rape, something that is recognized internationally as a heinous crime, in some cases punishable by death.

What a shining example of a moderate Muslim.

The gender apartheid this cleric is promoting is a hallmark of radical Islam. Her justification for raping non-Muslim women taken as slaves in war is that it is one way “to humiliate them.”

For too long, the West has tolerated this rape culture sin order to sustain their “politically correct” stance on Islam.

It’s time to stop making excuses for this radical death cult and send them back to the Middle East where they belong, before it’s too late.

Source: Truth And Action

Faith Braverman
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