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LEAKED: Obama’s Secret Manuscript Goes Viral…2 Vile Words Have Democrats Turning On Him!
By Kay Johnson|April 13, 2017

Division in the United States is at an all-time high. Whether it’s race, gender, religion or political affiliation, people are becoming increasingly more hostile and less civil towards those with differing opinions.

But who was it that fueled this divide? Liberals of course.

Obama in particular amplified these multiple rifts by constantly playing the race card. By repeatedly claiming critics of his presidency were merely bitter racists, Obama was able to avoid all accountability for his own actions.

Deflecting blame comes naturally to Obama. He’s been lamenting about his treatment as a black man in America since his college days, and likely even before that.

But David Garrow, an author of a book on Obama’s life, has found undeniable proof that Obama planned to use his victim status as a catapult all the way to the White House.

From Mad World News:

In all, Garrow has spent 8 years working on the biography titled “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama,” but it’s the most recent revelation that has everyone talking. As it turns out, Obama’s unpublished manuscript that the author happened upon exposes the former president’s true feelings toward America.

“Racism against African Americans continues to exist throughout American society, an admittedly racist culture,” Obama and [his friend Robert Fischer] wrote, according to Garrow. “Precisely because America is a racist society we cannot realistically expect white America to make special concessions toward blacks over the long haul. The greatest testimony to the force of racist ideology in American culture is that it infects not only the mind of whites, but the minds of blacks as well.” 

Not only did Obama refer to America as a “racist society,” he remarked on “special concessions” for blacks. Because of this as well as multiple other things revealed within the pages, Garrow believes that if Republican researchers had got their hands on Obama’s manuscript during the 2008 campaign, he likely wouldn’t have been elected.

It’s unclear whether the discovery of this manuscript really would have sunk Obama’s ship considering the multiple troubling moments from his 2008 campaign. Who can forget the fiery sermons of Obama’s preacher, Jeremiah Wright?

If that wasn’t enough to take Obama down, who knows what would. Seeing Wright’s rabid tirades against whites and America, it comes as no surprise that Obama always felt the same way.

But what is surprising is that Obama has never been able to see how wrong he is.

If our culture is so racist, how was he able to win the presidency? If our society hates African Americans so much, why are they still just as capable of achieving the American dream?

If Obama weren’t such a bitter racist himself, perhaps he would be able to understand that.

Source: Mad World News

Kay Johnson
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