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Hillary shows off creepy leather jacket, but it’s her Trump speech that has Americans HORRIFIED
By Faith Braverman|March 31, 2017

Why can’t she just go away? Hillary Clinton reemerged this week from whatever hole she’s been hiding in, breaking America’s heart in the process.

The reason for her unwelcome foray back into the spotlight? Clinton attended a “diversity conference” in San Francisco. This public appearance differs from previous ones because, for the first time since losing the election, Clinton made attacks against Trump.

Perhaps because she was speaking at one of the most notoriously gay cities in America, Clinton chose to wear a lesbiantastic leather jacket for the occasion as she hurled insults against the man who bested her.


From Independent Journal Review:

Clinton slammed many of the Trump administration’s moves so far, including the GOP’s health care bill that has been championed by the president himself.

“Really? Take away maternity care? Who do these people talk to?”

The former presidential candidate also praised those who stood up and spoke out against Republicans at town halls across the country:

“People who had never been active in politics told their stories at town hall meetings. They were people who had something to say and were determined to be heard.”

Considering Hillary Clinton’s owner George Soros is the unseen hand funding the town hall protests, it’s unsurprising Clinton went out of her way to promote them to her adoring crowd.

The real question though is why Hillary is choosing to break her silence now. It’s well known that Clinton charges very high speaking fees for her appearances. Could Clinton be giving all of these speeches because she’s strapped for cash?

It’s a definite possibility. With her loss of the presidency came the loss of many lucrative deals Clinton had set up.

Foreign donations to the Clinton Global Initiative have dried up to the point that the organization (likely a slush fund) is closing its doors for good on April 15th.

If only Hillary’s mouth could also close for good.

Source: Independent Journal Review

Faith Braverman
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