SICK Charge Against Donald Trump…REVEALS Shocking Hypocrisy Of The Left!

A few years ago, National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg wrote a book called Liberal Fascism that caused quite a stir.

He pointed out that, after all, the word “Nazi” was short for “National Socialism” and that other aspects of Hitler’s programs were just as statist and dictatorial as many “progressive” policies.

It sounded like common sense but the left exploded with righteous indignation.

Since then, ironically, the same left has become even more bullying. As movements like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter garner widespread admiration on the left — and a Super Bowl half-time show includes a celebration of the Black Panthers — it is no wonder that “liberal fascism” is back in force.

According to Breitbart, “progressives” are now in what psychologists might call full “projection” mode. Mocking a New York Times equating Donald Trump’s popularity with the alleged rise of “global fascism,” John Hayward writes:

News flash for Weld and everyone inclined to take his drivel seriously: the Jews of the Thirties and Forties would have been very relieved if the worst thing they had to worry about was a restriction on immigrating to Nazi Germany.  So it’s not a “provocative analogy,” it’s an infuriatingly selfish effort to exhume everyone who died in the Holocaust, and everyone who died bringing Adolf Hitler down, so their corpses can be used as psychological barriers between Trump’s supporters and the ballot boxes.

I have another news flash for people worried about the “potential rise of fascism in the United States”: it is already here, and its name was ObamaCare. The leftist mobs assaulting Trump rallies are real fascists, not the men and women they’re beating up. (…)

Now we’re watching violent mobs of Clinton and Sanders supporters – with a heavy infusion of illegal alien muscle – attacking people at Trump rallies, and their media auxiliaries are blaming the victims, including brutalized women, because they supposedly had it coming. The Democrat mayor of San Jose, a stalwart Hillary Clinton supporter, is making that argument. Major left-wing websites are telling their readers to launch violent attacks on more Trump rallies.

That’s pure, straight-up brownshirt fascism, folks.

Source: Breitbart

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