Hillary’s Problems Just Got MUCH Worse…What Far Leftists Are Planning Has Democrats TERRIFIED!

The Occupy movement is back. It’s been a while since those scruffy protesters who camped out around Wall Street were in the headlines.

Now they’ve got a new lost cause to get excited about: somehow getting Bernie Sanders the Democratic nomination.

They don’t care that Hillary Clinton has the number of delegates needed to clinch the prize.

Occupy organizers are planning to set up “tent cities” near the site of the Democratic National Convention, to protest her coming coronation in Philadelphia.

The Daily Caller has the story:

“Occupy DNC” protesters have locked down two campground sites where they will set up tent cities to use as home base for their anti-Hillary protests. One of the group’s organizers has said she expects “several thousand” protesters to stay at the campsites.

As previously reported by The Daily Caller, more than 20,000 protesters have committed to protesting “a fraudulent Hillary nomination.” Hundreds of those protesters have already reserved two campgrounds in southern New Jersey, about twenty minutes from the Wells Fargo Center where the DNC Convention will be held. (…)

“This is approaching Woodstock, but with better communications,” one Occupy DNC member commented on Facebook. Laurie Mitchell, who identified herself as one of Bernie Sanders’ delegates, said she expects it to be “Woodstock 2.0.”

As originally reported by TheDC, Occupy DNC members are encouraged to read documents shared with group members on Facebook. One document is titled “Civil Disobedience Training.” Another is titled “Health and Safety at Militant Actions” and includes tips on first-aid and withstanding teargas.

“Woodstock” might not be the right analogy. This situation is shaping up to look more like the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, where leftist radicals and police faced off in ugly riots that ultimately helped put a Republican in the White House.

The Occupy camps in New York City and elsewhere became notorious as sites of sexual assault and other criminal activities by these so called “peaceful” protesters. There’s no reason to think that “Camp Bernie” will be any different, or that the average American will be any more sympathetic to these activists this time around.

Source: The Daily Caller

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