BRUTAL: Trump Launches Crooked Hillary Ad…EXPOSES Her LEGENDARY LIES! [WATCH]

Hillary Clinton is spending all of her suspiciously raised cash to attack Trump on all fronts.

She has little ammunition, considering he’s been a successful businessman for decades. On the other hand, Hillary’s had a tarnished reputation since before she was first lady.

She’s going to have to spend a lot more money.

Donald Trump is going on the offensive, exposing the former secretary of state as the crook and liar she is. He has recently released a list of fifty facts that prove she is wrong from America, going as far as revealing her suspicious foreign supporters.

He’s now created a website dedicated to Crooked Hillary and promised to release 10 videos that document her lies.

From Conservative Tribune:

This video attacked Clinton over her claims that there had been no classified material on her email server. The video started with Clinton explicitly stating she never sent nor received classified material.

The video then jumped to a news report that stated “After review, there were at least 2,101 classified messages found on her server,”and pointed out that 22 emails had “top secret” information on them.

The video included a montage of news commentators talking about the Clinton email scandal and how it was very clear Clinton hasn’t been honest with the American people.

The video exposes how she openly lied about the emails she was sending and receiving, using her own quotes and news footage to prove it. It clearly shows that the woman is corrupt, dishonest, and untrustworthy.

And that is only video number 2.

By the end of this campaign, I doubt there will be anyone left supporting Clinton outside raving lunatics.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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