OUTRAGEOUS! Liberal Brutally Attacks White Student…Over THIS?!

PC culture has spread like a cancer across college campuses nationwide. In recent years, the left has invented all kinds of new terms in order to make it virtually impossible to avoid offending someone.

One new term coined in the age of victimization is the heinous crime of ‘cultural appropriation’.

Essentially, cultural appropriation is when one culture adopts elements associated with other cultures.

Once upon a time, it was celebrated when different cultures shared their ideas with one another. Now, it’s a crime that the left must punish in their favorite way: violently.

A white student in Maine found this out when a member of her basketball team attempted to beat her up during practice for wearing braids in her hair.

From Red Alert Politics:

A Hampshire College student named Carmen Figueroa went to court on Friday facing charges that she assaulted a member of the Central Maine Community College women’s basketball team for wearing braids in her hair. Figueroa asked the player before the attack to change her hairstyle because it was a symbol of cultural appropriation.

According to court documents obtained by the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Figueroa initiated the fight as the other girl was trying to leave the building. Another Hampshire student pulled the girl’s braids, causing her to fall to the ground.

This attack is not only outrageous in terms of basic human decency, it’s also a blatantly untrue motivation on the part of the attacker.

White women have worn braids to keep their hair up throughout history.

Like this woman

Or this one

Or this one.

These hairstyles predate modern integration, but this girl arrogantly assumed any hairstyle resembling her own was a personal attack against her.

And she’s hardly the first. Another African American girl at San Francisco State attacked a white student for having dreadlocks.

The young man wound up filing a police report with campus police, while the young woman defended her outburst, saying on tape that the student was “stealing” her culture.

Really? It seems she never read that the Celts were described to have ‘hair like snakes’ in recorded history, and Germanic tribes, Greeks and the Vikings are all said to have had dreadlocks as well. That’s higher education for you.

The left has made this kind of violence against anyone who violates their PC code commonplace, and it’s making people lose patience and respect for them by the day.

Source: Red Alert Politics

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