Crazy Liberal Disrupts Trump’s Convention Speech…His Response Will Have You CHEERING!

Donald J. Trump makes liberals furious because he speaks the truth.  And then there are a special few that decide that respectfully disagreeing isn’t enough.

No, they have to try to ruin a special moment and get all the attention they’ve been craving since their childhood.

On Thursday night, during Donald’s convention speech—his shining moment—one of the liberal crazies thought it was their moment.

Mediaite reports:

A Code Pink protester crashed Donald Trump‘s RNC nomination acceptance speech and immediately the Quicken Loans arena was flooded with boos as they were being dragged out.

Trump stopped talking as they dragged the protester, believed to be Code Pink’s Madea Benjamin, out of the arena.

This will be quickly forgotten, but Trump’s quick response won’t be.

Trump then cried, “How great are our police? And how great is Cleveland?!”

Donald wasn’t phased in the slightest, and he continued on giving a fantastic speech to the convention.  And when he takes up residence in the White House next January, he won’t be phased by any liberal antics.

Source: Mediaite

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