Liberal Media Fact Check’s Trump Speech…What They Found Left Them STAMMERING!

The world watched when, at the final night of the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump gave his most stirring and decisive speech since the start of his campaign.

He decried the state of the American economy, national security, and immigration. He called out the liberal elite, including Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as their corrupt political system.

While much of the country rally to Trump’s message of a better American, the left are running scared. They have little in way of arsenal to fight back against Trump’s strong, sound message. Often they resort to slander and unwarranted abuse against the man and his supporters. It’s the last desperate tactic of losers.

They did everything to punch holes in Trump’s speech, including trying to discredit his facts (concerning immigration, our economy, and security). But of course, they even failed at that.

From Conservative Tribune:
Melanie Mason of the Los Angeles Times was one of two fact checkers who was forced to report that statistics cited by Donald Trump during his Thursday acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention were “basically right,” though she added in her liberal way that immigration in general was “flat overall.”

However, Mason couldn’t deny the fact that her “fact checking” showed that Donald Trump was right in his assessments. In fact, she was the second reporter to confirm that The Donald’s facts were indeed facts.

Liberal reporters, hungry for blood, were ready to pounce on anything that Trump might have said inaccurately. Any fact that came up incorrect they would have torn apart, in a pathetic attempt to discredit the man’s entire speech. However, his facts were sound.

All the liberals could say was he was “basically right.” That means he was totally right. Had he been wrong on anything, be sure they would have mentioned it.

The left is fighting a losing battle. After eight years of failed liberal policies, they’re clinging to whatever ground they have left with the American people. But with a corrupt candidate like Hillary Clinton at the helm, they have very little to hold onto to.

Fight as they might, they won’t be able to overcome a man like Trump.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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