WHOA! Liberal Media Star Drops BOMB On Hillary…Asks The Question She CAN’T Answer!

It’s clear that a Hillary Clinton administration would be nothing like Obama’s.It would be much worse.

When Obama claimed to be for transparency, Hillary would be for secrecy. When Obama claimed to support the working and middle classes, Hillary would be for the rich and Wall Street.

When Obama tried to appoint diverse leadership to positions in his government, convinced they were the right people for the jobs, Hillary would appoint whoever paid her enough to get those jobs. It’s clear this country would never recover from the evil and corruption perpetrated by a Hillary Clinton White House.

Yet there are some who still think she’s right for the job.

The good news is the massive leaks and signs of corruption are waking some people up to this real and present danger. Democrats of all stripes are abandoning the party, thanks to Hillary and her cronies.

One outspoken personality, Piers Morgan, made a very strong statement.  Via Allen B West:

In an op-ed published today, Morgan poses one question that ought to get even the most mind-numbed liberal to think twice:

“If Hillary’s dastardly DNC disciples will do this to one of their own like Bernie Sanders, what the hell will they do to everyone else?”

Of course, the revelations found in the leaked emails, which are rife with politically incorrect (if not downright racist) remarks, condescending rhetoric, and a deliberate collusion between Democrat elites and the mainstream media is nothing that surprised any half-awake Republican.

But, reality is hitting hard for many who have to reluctantly drag their heads out of the sand, and Morgan sounds as if he’s one of them.

American liberals have been lulled into complacency after eight years of Obama. Instead of holding him accountable for his failings, they just let him do anything he wanted. Now that his time is almost up, they seem incapable of shaking the dust off their heads and taking a good hard look at his replacement.

Hillary Clinton is clearly an enemy of liberals, conservatives, or any America who believes in their freedoms. She represents a kind of leadership this country fought to destroy. No American, be they conservative or liberal, can stand for that kind of corruption.

Source: Allen B West

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