BREAKING: Liberals Are Now Telling Women To Wear What?!…Even Muslims Are DISGUSTED! [WATCH]

More and more we are seeing how the left—particularly the liberal media—are getting stupider.

After losing Congress and the White House in one election, they are now eroding any kind of confidence and respect they still had with American viewers. We haven’t forgotten how they systematically lied and twisted the facts to try to get Hillary Clinton elected. We haven’t forgotten how they defend and support hate groups like Black Lives Matter.

Now, in light of another terrible attack on U.S. soil, liberals are once again coming out to defend Muslims.

Most logical, intelligent people know that not all Muslims are responsible for Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s attack at Ohio State. That’s why we call it radical Islamic terrorism. But before anyone has a chance to form an opinion on yet another attack, the left are quick to defend Muslims from some apparent backlash.

Even though it’s radical terrorists who are to blame.

Instead of identifying the destructive and vile ideas that led to this attack, the left seem all too eager to defend Muslims. Muslims are just fine. It’s innocent American civilians who are in danger, danger of getting attacked by radical terrorists.

But it seems the left refuses to understand this.

From Louder with Crowder:

After the past few months, you may have thought leftist media couldn’t get any wronger. It’s been a record year for them after all. But CNN never fails to disappoint (see CAUGHT: CNN Tries to Cover Up Story Falsely Accusing Trump of Voter Fraud)…

On the heels of another terror attack on US soil (see BLAME THE GUNS? Ohio State ‘Shooter’ is Actually Knife-Weilding Somali…), the network ran a segment about Muslim women not feeling safe wearing their hijabs. Apparently it’s a real problem, what with all the Islamic rape culture Donald Trump.

Well, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota might have a solution…

How about she does that first? I’d like to see Little Miss Hairdo wear a hijab on live TV. That’ll scare away whatever viewership CNN has left.

Why do people put up with such stupidity? Even her co-host looked at her like she was an idiot. This secular, wealthy, white, liberal woman doesn’t even know what the hell she’s taking about. She’s spouting off these idiotic comments like she’s so wise and profound, too stupid to realize how ridiculous she sounds.

Forgetting the fact that the hijab is an important religious garband—that a non-Muslim wearing would be incredibly insulting—what does she think that will accomplish? Solidarity? For people who have a completely separate religion than theirs? That’s like non-Jewish men wearing yamakas; how does that show support?

Wearing a hijab is a requirement for many Muslim women — something many feel is oppressive and denies them basic human rights. A non-Muslim wearing one would send the wrong message, that they’re in support of an aspect of a religion they don’t follow, that upsets many within that religion.

Maybe Alisyn should just stick to reading the news, okay?

Source: Louder With Crowder

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