Liberals Attempt to BLOCK Trump’s Presidency…Latest Hail Mary Is INSANE!

Fortunately, the protests that roiled some American cities after the election of Donald Trump have petered out. Then bitter Democrats tried to demand recounts and even abolish the Electoral College.

Millions of Americans are getting a lesson in why the Electoral College exists, so maybe all this controversy can at least be an educational experience. However, not everyone is getting the message.

Joe For America highlights a Facebook post that encapsulates the liberal push to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s electoral victory:

Joe gives a scathing response to this idea that continues to circulate in liberal circles from those who can’t come to grips with the election loss and are willing to attack our own form of government to get their way.

The whole idea behind [the Electoral College’s] design was to make sure that the will of each state in the Union was equally represented in Washington so as to guarantee that states such as New York and California wouldn’t be able to tell states like Rhode Island and Wyoming how to live their lives and tend to the needs of their residents. (…)

I’ve never been a fan of Trump myself but the time has long passed for stopping the train of democracy; each of the some several States held their primaries and the people spoke. Any attempt by sore losers to presume to know better what the people want than the people themselves will be met by a revolt on a scale the likes of which our poor unarmed Liberal friends could never have expected or imagined.

Leftists are playing with fire if they seriously try to escalate their current dissatisfaction into some kind of armed civil war! It’s doubtful it will ever get to that point. We can only hope that Trump’s term ushers in so much prosperity that the liberals won’t find anything that important to complain about.

Source: Joe for America

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