Liberals Just DEMANDED Trump Official’s Resignation…Then The Dirty TRUTH Comes Out!

How much more fake news can Americans take?

Over and over again, “exclusive” reports about Donald Trump and his White House are plastered everywhere, only to be debunked later on. The problem is that by the time the truth comes out, tens of millions of people have heard these fake stories in soundbite form and believe them.

Probably the most insane example was the report carried by BuzzFeed, about a Russian intelligence dossier regarding Trump’s alleged bizarre behavior with prostitutes.

Even Vladimir Putin felt obligated to comment on that one. This “dossier” turned out to be highly questionable to say the least, but so what? The jokes and tweets were still out there.

Here is a less salacious although much more serious allegation that has turned out to be false:

It’s being reported this morning that Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, did not make any promise to the Russian ambassador that Trump would lift sanctions once he got into office. Rather the transcripts show a more general discussion of relations between Russia and the US improving under Trump:

However, Flynn could still be in trouble:

CBS News is reporting today that Flynn’s job could be in trouble for not telling the whole truth during the transition and embarrassing Pence:

Wouldn’t it have been Journalism 101 for reporters covering this story to actually read the transcripts before publishing their irresponsible speculations?

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Of course, but that would have made it impossible for pundits to gripe about Trump’s relationship with Russia and his ability to manage those under his command.

It is more important to the mainstream media that they make Trump look as bad as possible. The facts, even smearing people and putting international relations in peril, just don’t matter.

Source: The Right Scoop

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