Liberals Exposed Spinning SICK Lie About Trump…The Truth Puts Obama To Shame!

The Democrat Party has always had a strong penchant for exaggerating their accomplishments, as few as they are, and downplaying their failures which are absolutely ridden with scandals, so much so, that America has virtually repudiated the last eight years of Democrat party rule.

President Obama has never missed an opportunity to stand in front of a television camera and tell America how great and wonderful his achievements have been and how fortunate we are to have him to lecture us about “who we are” and especially “who we are not.”

Now, we have the mainstream media cheerleaders singing Obama’s praises in spite of the lawlessness, racial division, violence, increase in oppressiveness from the perpetually offended “PC” crowd, the invasion of America by immigrants whose only reason for their border jumping is to get on the free, taxpayer funded, entitlement bandwagon, and last but not least the increase in the national deficit by, literally, trillions of dollars in only 8 years.

Read what the truth-deficient leftists are saying in Mother Jones:

 David Corn of the progressive Mother Jones magazine claimed on November 7: “the election is a referendum on the explicit use of hate in politics — a reckoning toward which the GOP has been hurtling for half a century.”

But they can’t keep the truth from getting out through Breitbart:

“Donald Trump won by campaigning on making the election a referendum on President Obama’s failed economic policies.”

Breitbart explains what Trump’s win was really about:

Middle class voters, especially in “flyover country,” came to believe on November 8 that the Obama administration’s economic recovery was the worst since the Great Depression in the 1930s, according to Peter J. Ferrara of the Heartland Institute.

Ferrara suggests that despite $6 trillion in deficit spending during President Obama’s first term, median household income after inflation fell by more than $4,500, about the equivalent of losing one month’s pay per year. He adds that after another $4 trillion in deficit spending in Obama’s second term, after-inflation median household income did stabilize. But the average American family would have $17,000 more in annual income if 8 years of the Obama recovery had equaled the average recession recovery since World War II.

The 2016 election results were the worst performance by the Democrat Party since the 1870s. Republicans now hold the presidency, both houses of Congress, 33 governorships and control of both legislature chambers in 32 states. The Democrats only control both legislature chambers in just 13 states.

In spite of president Obama’s insistence that the unemployment rate fell to 4.6% during his administration, that is nullified by the fact that 7.5 million Americans just stopped looking for work and of those who found work, a whopping 27.8 million were being forced settle for part time jobs.

That’s how employers keep themselves in profits. By hiring twice as many people to work part time instead of full time which means they’re not required to provide insurance benefits. It’s a win-win for employers and a big step down for workers trying to pay bills.

No matter what, the news media aren’t going to give Trump the benefit of the doubt nor will they concede that his election was a repudiation of the Obama philosophy but Trump has promised to secure our national borders, cut the size of government, turn the economy around and make a genuine recovery for America.

Let’s get behind him and help make it happen!

Source: Breitbart


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