Liberals Just Gave Hillary Some TERRIBLE NEWS…Is This The Beginning Of The End? [WATCH]

More news is coming out about Hillary’s illegal email server.

The biggest bombshell has been the undeniable proof that the former Secretary of State lied about everything she was doing.

As the Fed’s uncover more details about the scandal, the less solid ground she is standing on.

Now it looks like her own liberal cronies in the media are turning their backs on her. They realize what the rest of us already know: Clinton is an untrustworthy person and unfit for leadership.

Even sharks know when to get out of the water.

From The Political Insider:

This morning Joe Scarborough ripped into her, but even his liberal co-hosts joined in, including Mika Brzezinski, who’s an enormous Clinton supporter!

More are chiming in, including MSNBC, who have interviewed focus groups that soundly bash the Democratic candidate. Even their own reporters are taking jabs at Clinton.

Check out the videos below for the full scoop. Things certainly aren’t looking good for the Presidential wanna be.

Source: The Political Insider

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