Liberals Can’t Be Reasoned With…But When They Hear THIS, They FINALLY See The Light

Liberals don’t believe in the Ten Commandments. They only recognize one: Thou Shalt Not Be a Hypocrite. At least, that’s their favorite accusation about anyone on the right who they don’t like. Naturally, they’re less astute about hypocrisy when it happens on their own side of the political aisle – which is often.

The great Allen West knows this all too well, so he’s come up what he calls “an interesting little game” we can play with “our progressive socialist friends of the left.” It takes advantage of the fact that many of them, eight years later, still hate one particular former president with a passion.

Here is West’s idea: Send them an email or leave a message on social media that says, “Did you hear about President George W. Bush sending $400 million in Euros and Swiss Francs in an unmarked cargo plane to Iran in the middle of the night?”

West continues:

I can almost guarantee you there will be those who will believe it was indeed Bush’s fault. And you can also bet when you tell them it wasn’t Bush but actually President Obama, the response will be, “I don’t believe you.”

Of course, the Obama White House did just that, at the same time American hostages were being released from Iran. But almost as worse, the Obama gang expects Americans to believe that the timing was just a “coincidence,” to use the White House press secretary’s own expression.

West writes:

But back to the story at hand… It is U.S. policy that we do not pay ransom and especially not to a country which is the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. And consider that the Obama administration chided families who considered paying ransoms to terrorist elements that had abducted their loved ones — namely the family of James Foley, who was beheaded by ISIS…and Obama went to play golf. Now the man who tells us the response to terror attacks is more gun control, while he lives under 24/7 protection by guns, has now placed the lives of every American at risk.

And he’s just getting started. His entire column is an indictment of Obama, and a warning to expect more of the same if Hillary Clinton takes his place.

Credit: Allen B. West

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