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Liberals Idiots Fall For MASSIVE Fake News Hoax…Impersonator HUMILIATES Them! [Video]
By Faith Braverman|May 16, 2017

If it weren’t for “fake news”, liberals wouldn’t have any news at all.

Primarily, the left get their information from shows on Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live. That’s part of why they’re so ill-informed. They take comedy shows as legitimate news sources.

These types of programs try to sell themselves as “above” silly politics. In this way, they convince their viewers that their message is the only true one because politicians, especially Republicans, are just a bunch of clowns to be made fun of.

In reality, a left wing political agenda is being promoted.

Liberals are constantly falling for this hysterical anti-Trump propaganda, desperate to believe any negative news about the president.

But their gullibility reached new heights when an obviously staged video was shared by liberals online.

From The Hill:

A clip from the Comedy Central series “The President Show” was shared by hundreds of thousands of people on social media over the weekend. The clip shows Trump impersonator and show host Anthony Atamanuik from behind and is cropped to hide Comedy Central’s logo. The impersonation fooled thousands of Twitter users, who angrily responded to the fake Trump’s words.

In the video, Atamanuik tells a young girl at a Tax Day protest that she is a “disgrace,” only for the girl to respond “you’re a disgrace to the world.” 


Not only did liberals share this video. They actually believed a little girl disrespected the president, and then praised her for it.

Liberals have no problem manipulating a child if it serves their twisted agenda. Take this commercial about “equal pay” from the feminist group “FCKH8”, featuring little girls that are instructed to swear.

This is the type of morally bankrupt humor that the left eat up.

At the end of the day, comedy is the same as any other form of entertainment. If you don’t please the liberal elite power brokers at the top, you aren’t going to get work.

Most comedians are more than happy to play along, editing videos to take things out of context or twist them in a way to entertain their like-minded fans.

This formula appears to be working given how mindless the left have become. Thousands of people wound up believing this video was real because it fed their confirmation bias.

Lazy comedy succeeds with confirmation bias. It is much easier to form a mob and bully someone than to craft humor out of well liked items.

Liberals and all of their shows are intellectually lazy.

Source: The Hill

Faith Braverman
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