Liberals Have Officially LOST IT…Accuse Trump Of Hiring Manchurian Candidate!

Let’s be clear about one thing: It doesn’t matter who Trump nominates for any role in his upcoming Administration. They are going to be “terrible” in the eyes of the mainstream media and the Left in general. It is most honest to say that Trump could seriously nominate Mother Teresa or Gandhi (if they were still alive, of course) and the Left would be in absolute hysterics over the pick. “Mother Teresa is a zealot!” and “Have you seen how serene and non-confrontational that Gandhi is? I mean, how could he possibly deal with a really hostile Israel?” Yes, one can just imagine the outrage.

So, it’s no big surprise that Trump’s latest pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is being treated to the same old Liberal playbook tactics. The man is an amazing success story and has more kind words said about him than even Obama, himself.

The Washington Post, in its typical frenzied and flailing “fake news” way, has written a scathing review of the man who has helped build an oil dynasty with ExxonMobil Corporation. They are concerned most alarmingly, of course, about his complete and utter disregard for the safety of our precious planet, all in an effort to advance his evil oil empire!

The Washington Times’ Kelly Riddell explains:

“If you were to read the mainstream media, you’d think Rex Tillerson…were a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin. ‘Rex Tillerson’s Russia Problem’, The Washington Post wrote in headline above the fold on Tuesday. ‘Trump’s Credibility Problem on Russia,’ NBC wrote, warning: ‘Tillerson has ties to Russia and Putin, including being awarded Russia’s Order of the Friendship honor in 2013 and opposing the U.S.-led sanctions against Russia for its intervention in Crimea. And already, GOP senators are expressing concern about Tillerson’s Russia ties.’

Riddell goes on:

“Would Condoleezza Rice, James Baker, Bob Gates and Dick Cheney, who have all endorsed Mr. Tillerson’s nomination, be in favor of handing over Eastern Europe to the Russians? Would they all support a candidate for secretary of state who they believed to be a puppet of Mr. Putin’s?”

The answer to the question is obvious. These very capable individuals with more experience together than all of Obama’s Cabinet and Czars combined, know when a great candidate is raised. Condoleezza Rice, in particular, was very excited about Tillerson’s nomination: “Rex Tillerson is an excellent choice for Secretary of State. He will bring to the post remarkable and broad international experience; a deep understanding of the global economy; and a belief in America’s special role in the world.”

Tillerson, himself, was speaking to a Texas Tech business school last year and said:

“One of the things I know about the Russian government: I’m very predicable. And they know if I say no it means no. And talking about it more isn’t going to change that. No is still going to be no. Over the years, we’ve earned each other’s respect. Then when you say yes, you know we’ll follow through. It means something.”

Riddell concludes with a small issue:

My only concern with Mr. Tillerson’s appointment is his support of a carbon tax. Perhaps he was being pragmatic as CEO of ExxonMobil and thought it was the best way to deal with the Left on climate change issues, that had the least impact on his bottom line. Either way, I would expect Republicans to grill him on this during the confirmation hearing, and spend a little less time trying to make him out to be a friend of Mr. Putin.

Rex Tillerson is a man who smells oil and goes in for the kill. He lives for the deal, just like Trump. The meeting of these two was encouraged by Bob Gates and it was reported that the two of them began talking and immediately hit it off. If that’s the case, you can bet that they’ve already spoken about this ridiculous notion of a carbon tax and how Tillerson was just doing what was financially and fiscally expedient for his corporation. A man with his experience is not going to let a small matter of Leftist ideology get in the way of his goals of exceptionalism. It’s called, “the art of the deal.”

Source: The Washington Times

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