What If Trump Was A Woman? Liberals Reenact Gender-Swap Debate…Never Expected THIS!

While we’re making America great again, maybe we could add this to the to-do list: Abolish job descriptions like “educational theater professor who specializes in ethnodrama.”

Although after you read the following story about the wacky world of American academia, you might find yourself thinking that perhaps our universities are good for something after all.

We are constantly lectured by the leftist elites about the “glass ceiling” and the “war on women,” and told that “gender is just a social construct.” But a fascinating experiment by two self-described “liberal” professors led to results that challenged their world view.

Frankly, it’s kind of incredible that they went public with their explosive findings.

As the Daily Wire reports:

In a remarkable and revealing experiment about the impact of gender in the 2016 election, two self-described “liberal” professors joined forces to put on an “ethnodrama” based on key moments of the presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in which actors of the opposite sex played the roles of the two candidates, exactly mimicking their every move and intonation. (…)

“We both thought that the inversion would confirm our liberal assumption—that no one would have accepted Trump’s behavior from a woman, and that the male Clinton would seem like the much stronger candidate,” said Salvatore.

But that’s not what happened:

“Many were shocked to find that they couldn’t seem to find in Jonathan Gordon what they had admired in Hillary Clinton;” on the actor playing “Hillary,” her creepy smile became an even bigger turn off, for example.

“Shocked” is certainly the world. Having been forced to move beyond their leftwing bubble, even in this “safe” artificial setting, the audience was amazed by what they saw and felt:

We heard a lot of “now I understand how this happened”—meaning how Trump won the election. People got upset. There was a guy two rows in front of me who was literally holding his head in his hands, and the person with him was rubbing his back. (…)

There was someone who described Brenda King [the female Donald Trump] as his Jewish aunt who would take care of him, even though he might not like his aunt. Someone else described her as the middle school principal who you don’t like, but you know is doing good things for you.

This is one of those “experiments” that people will be analyzing for years. Don’t be surprised if someone turns it into a real play, or a movie.

As a first step to trying to see the world in a different way, it was obviously a valuable tool to get these liberals to do what they’re always telling the rest of us to do: That is, to be open minded and see things in a different way.

However, the experiment raises questions as well as offering answers.

Tens of millions of Trump voters found him appealing as is; he’s obviously not a woman. So what prevented these liberals from hearing his message until they heard it from an actress?

Are these feminists, male and female, so accustomed to automatically siding with a woman that they embrace her message, whatever its content happens to be? That would certainly explain their otherwise irrational devotion to the corrupt and unappealing Hillary.

There’s a lot to think about here, no matter what side of the political aisle you are on. For conservatives, it gives them a valuable glimpse into the liberal mind (and proof that it IS possible to change their minds about things — it just might not be that easy.)

Source: Daily Wire

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