Look What Liberals Wore To Trump’s Speech…The SICK Reason Why Has Americans Disgusted!

It’s clear that the Democratic Party is at its least powerful in many, many years.

You can blame Barack Obama for that, if you want. He was the leading democrat for eight years. When it came time to pass on the reins of the country, we decided to hand them over to not another democrat, but an outsider.

But you can also say years of radical social justice politics alienated much of the country from the left. A party that once helped the little guy, now caters to global elites and want to define 58 genders.

That’s not a good way to connect with real, everyday people.

There seems to be no sign that the democrats are willing to reform their party, get rid of corrupt leaders, and return to American values and traditions. Instead they have opted to be the party of opposition, only further ruining their chances for the future.

They want to protest President Trump on every turn, despite having no power to really resist him. With every speech, statement, and order the left bicker and complain, accomplishing nothing.

Even at his historic and simply epic address last night, democrats had to make an empty and pointless statement.

And what form did that statement come in? Clothes. Ugh.

From The Political Insider:

President Donald Trump’s speech tonight is hitting his key points of smaller government, a strong defense, and border security.

But before it even started, Democrats on the far-left had plans to protest it… by wearing white.

These liberal politicians are wearing it in honor of the suffragette movement…

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell asked Pelosi, who was wearing white and purple, about how Democrats would behave during Trump’s speech and if her wearing white was a form of silent protest…

“It’s not even a protest. It’s a statement of values,” Pelosi said. “It associates ourselves with our suffragette mothers, the color of white, the color purple.”

Wasn’t the suffragette movement like 100 years ago? That was a matter settled long before any of us were born, so why do these liberals think they can equate themselves with that?

For a party that claims to be in support of women, aiming to grant them more privilege and representation, hoping to eliminate negative stereotypes, they seem to be missing the point. Their only form of protest came, by the clothes they wore. Uh, that’s hardly feminist, ladies.

And can we talk about pant suits!? There is no better way to look out of place an ugly then by trying to turn a masculine style of dress into something appropriate for women.  It never looks right (at least on these liberals). What’s wrong with a classy dress? What’s wrong with looking strong and feminine?

Melania Trump seemed to knock it out of the part with her wardrobe, though it might not be fair to compare these democrats with her, considering she has tons more style than these harpies.

Maybe they should take a few pointers from the First Lady.

In any event this “protest,” like many organized by the left, didn’t accomplish anything. They just looked like out of place ice cream truck drivers, who didn’t belong.

Source: The Political Insider

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