CROOKED: The Lie To TOP All Lies… This One’s Too Much, Even for Hillary!

If there’s one thing America knows about the Clintons, it’s that they can spin a good lie.  But in their old age, it seems they’re losing their magic touch.

In the wake of Hillary’s recent bout with what doctors are now saying is contagious pneumonia, no one can dispute that her campaign staff and the Secret Service have done a bang-up job at keeping up appearances.

Even though we’ve seen her acting like a bobble head doll, staring off into space trying to remember where she is, and being carried around like a department store mannequin, the narrative that she is healthy enough to hold the office of president is still being pushed by Democrats unwilling to see the truth.  Instead the media is trying to point the spotlight at Trump’s health, even though he’s not the one passing out and having uncontrollable coughing fits during rallies.

After her last near collapse, it was Hillary who supposedly made the decision to go to her daughter Chelsea’s New York apartment. Why did she go there?

To ” keep details of her medical treatment under wraps.” 

In a New York Post article a Clinton campaign spokesman Glen Caplin released a statement saying:

“As soon as she got into the vehicle, she was feeling fine. Her preference was to go to Chelsea’s. Based on an assessment of her condition and after having conferred with her physician, the staff and the Secret Service thought it was appropriate.”

What a swift recovery for someone with pneumonia!  No doubt the decision to avoid an ER was based upon fears of fanning the flames of further speculation in the rumor mill that Hillary isn’t up to the task. There is also rampant speculation that Hillary must have been given some powerful medication to bounce back so quick, or else she is using a body double (just like Hitler did).  We will probably never know the whole story—or just maybe we will!

Source: New York Post

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