Lifeless Houston Woman Floats To Cajun Navy Boat, What Happened Next Is Going Viral

The damaged caused by Hurricane Harvey is almost too much to take in.

From all over the Internet we are hearing stories of loss and tragedy. From small towns to big cities, the storm has brought much devastation.

But for all the pain and suffering, brave men and women from around the country have swarmed Texas to help. That includes the Cajun Navy, who have brought out their boats to save lives.

From Nola:

Three members of the Cajun Navy who went to the Houston area Monday morning to rescue stranded residents pulled a lifeless elderly woman from floodwaters and resuscitated her.

Joshua Lincoln of Madisonville, Ricky Berrigan of Lacombe and Donnie Davenport of Pearl River were motoring their flatboat northeast of Houston when they came across 73-year-old Wilma Ellis, floating face down…

“The lady must have been crossing in some current. She floated right to the boat. We jumped out and got her and gave her compressions right there in the water. We were holding her from behind.”

After about 15 chest compressions, Ellis began to cough and breathe on her own, Lincoln said.

The men pulled her into the boat and used a blanket to help her regain body warmth. She was scared, wet and a little disoriented, Lincoln said.

At first, they didn’t even realize it was a person floating in the water. It must have been Providence that brought Ellis to their boat. Quickly, without hesitation, these men drew her out of the water and resuscitated her.

Without their aid, the 73-year-old woman would have surely died.

Members of the Cajun Navy found 73-year-old Wilma Ellis' lifeless body floating in floodwaters near Houston Monday morning. (Photo by Joshua Lincoln)

Because of the confusion caused by the storm, they were unable to find anyone nearby that knew her. But they were able to leave her with a kind businessman at a gas station, from which she could receive more help.

After unsuccessfully searching for anyone who knew Ellis, the men dropped her with a local businessman at a gas station near the corner of Tidwell Road and Parkway Forest Drive.

Ellis was wearing a hospital bracelet at the time of the rescue.

“We’re trying to get an ambulance or helicopter to her,” Lincoln said. “I put her medic bracelet out there on social media. I just don’t know what else I can do.”

The Cajun Navy, however, would return to work. Hoping to save just a few more lives from the storm.

The situation is far worse in Houston than anything he saw on television, Lincoln said.

“This is unbelievable,” he said. “It’s horrible.”

Let’s hope our rescue workers and agencies can save everyone they can.

Source: Nola

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