Democrat Politician STUNS FOX News Host…Makes a SHOCKING Endorsement No One Expected! [WATCH]

Ronald Reagan famously achieved his landslide victories by attracting so-called “Reagan Democrats” — lifelong members of that party, often working class people, who felt the Democrats had abandoned them in favor of its new “rainbow coalition” of unpatriotic, whiny identity groups.

Many Donald Trump supporters have said from the beginning that the real estate mogul had the potential of being a “Reaganesque” figure in at least one respect: He had the power to replicate Reagan’s achievement and bring a new generation of disillusioned Democrats into the Republican tent.

Now one particular Democratic politician has gone public as a Trump supporter.

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One such lifelong Democrat in Kentucky just made it clear who he was voting for, announcing this weekend on “Fox & Friends Weekend” that he was switching his voter registration to the GOP ahead of his state’s primary so that he could cast his vote in support of Trump.

David Abbott, a former county councilman who has voted for Democrats his entire adult life, said he has been drawn by Trump’s momentum and plain-speaking ways, not to mention his business acumen and ability to make successful deals.

Abbott declared that “the system we have now is not working,” and said he will vote for Trump because, “I feel Mr. Trump can come and get us better deals. He is a businessman” who is best equipped to fix what ails our country’s struggling economy weighed down by the ever-growing national debt.

“I don’t want my children Dave and Erika to grow up in debt all their lives,” he added.

Asked if he knew of other fellow Democrats considering crossing the aisle to vote for Trump, Abbott said, “There is people that come up to me and says, ‘I’m gonna vote for Trump,’ and I don’t know why they don’t say it loud.”

Next time there’s a poll showing Trump trailing Hillary Clinton, conservatives should bear in mind that many Trump supporters may not be comfortable sharing their views with pollsters.

At least, not yet.

It’s tempting to speculate that as Trump’s momentum continues to grow, more and more Americans will take Abbott’s advice and “say what they feel out loud.”


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