EXPOSED: Rush Limbaugh Calls BS On Obama Power Grab…You Won’t Believe THIS!

One of the most outspoken critics of the Obama Administration has been, unsurprisingly, Rush Limbaugh.

And now with less than a year left in his term as President, Obama is pushing for even more radical measures that can create a lasting legacy.  But not if Limbaugh has anything to say about it.

His most recent remarks concern a statement an edict by the administration to make it illegal for landlords to deny ex-cons apartment rentals.  Might sound like a decent measure on the surface, but the real reasoning from the President is shocking.

As reported by Western Journalism…

The presumption is that a great percentage of African-American criminals are actually innocent. They’ve been railroaded. I mean, that’s what the Reverend Jackson wants you to believe … A central point of the civil rights coalition is that there’s a bunch of black men in jail who really shouldn’t be there because they’re not guilty.

If that’s got you miffed, you really won’t like the real reason for the push.  Limbaugh seems to have guessed at the President’s real motive, deprive private citizens from owning and controlling their own land.

You know what this is really all about? You have a landlord that refuses to rent to a criminal, Obama says, ‘No, no, no, you have to because our racial justice system’s been so unbalanced, you’re guilty of racism when you refuse to rent,’ you know what that’s really all about is seizing your property.

Rush has espoused that this is yet another attempt at the President to take greater control over our personal liberties.  First with guns, now with our property.

Is there any part of the Constitution this man doesn’t want to destroy?

The fact that the Obama Administration is using a race-based argument is even more appalling.  To think of the struggle Civil Rights leaders endured to secure real freedoms for Americans, only for their legacy to be used to erode all of our freedoms.  It’s despicable.

This is, for now, an edict.  Time will tell if Obama has enough political clout to force legislation before he’s ousted from office.  Hopefully, this lame duck will stay in the shallows until January 2017.

Source: WJ

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