Rush Limbaugh Shares STUNNING Prediction On United Nations…Has Trump CHEERING! [LISTEN]

Once upon a time, after the world suffered from a terrible war, key nations banded together in an effort to prevent that level of bloodshed from ever happening again. The United Nations was founded after WWII as a way for countries to cooperate, to settle their problems in a diplomatic, peaceful way.

But like many other institutions, it has since been corrupted by politics and greed. The United Nations has come to represent everything wrong with modern, globalist philosophy. It sits by as countless lives are lost around the world. It does nothing to curtail the aggression of Russia, China, North Korea and terrorists groups like ISIS.

Many Americans and citizens around the world, question whether the UN does anything of value.

So it should come as no surprise that there are those speculating what a President Trump would do to the UN.

From Conservative Tribune:

While fantasizing out loud about what a Donald Trump presidency might look like, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh offered a rather breathtaking prediction Wednesday of how the GOP presidential candidate might ultimately deal with the United Nations.

“A number of people have suggested it would be better if we just closed the U.N. and take it out of business,” he said on his top-rated radio show. “Trump might be able to accomplish that just by winning the presidency.”

President Obama made his last address to the organization, in a speech which he largely patted himself on the back. During his show, Limbaugh contrasted what a speech to the UN from a President Trump would be like.

“I’m watching Obama give his swan song address to the United Nations,” the radio host noted. “Obama’s up there totally, totally talking about himself and how great he’s been and how great America was and is, and he limited his apologies, and it was a typical, ‘You know, I’ve been really good, underappreciated and y’all are gonna miss me when I’m gone.’”

“But while he was talking, I … was just imagining how much fun it would be to hear Trump addressing the U.N.,” Limbaugh continued. “Can you imagine? If Trump wins, one year from now it will be Trump addressing the U.N.”

It’s clear that the ruthless, uncompromising negotiator would not allow the kind of games the UN frequently plays. A President Trump would demand results from the international organization, else he would pull America from it.

Whether he single-handedly shuts down the UN, or simply removes America from it, you’d better believe the organization would change should Trump be elected.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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