Rush Limbaugh smashes historic milestone, look what he did single-handedly

Through the fog of dishonest, liberal media, there are a few honest voices.

But few voices cut through the noise like uncompromising pundit, Rush Limbaugh.

For years he has been standing up for conservative values in the face of liberal hysteria. Now his radio show is celebrating a huge milestone.

From WND:

He’s the most listened-to talk-radio host in the U.S., the man “behind the golden EIB microphone” credited with single-handedly saving AM radio and paving the way for a powerful, alternative voice to the liberal establishment media.

Thirty years ago on this day, Aug. 1, 1988, he began broadcasting “The Rush Limbaugh Show” on flagship WABC in New York City.

On his July 12 show, Limbaugh reflected on the approaching anniversary.

“It’s a treat for me to have the opportunity to be behind this microphone every day,” he told his listeners. “You notice how many callers lately are saying 25-year listener, 28-year listener, 20-year listener.”

He said that after three decades the audience has only grown, with up to 27 million listeners…

“Demographically, everybody who started with this program in 1988 has aged 30 years along with the program and me, the host, and they’re still there,” he said.

He reiterated what “a delight” it is to do the show.

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this and how seriously I take it in terms of meeting and surpassing expectations,” he said.

Limbaugh said he works harder now than ever.

Many people may not even remember Rush’s early years. Some of our readers might not have even been born yet!

Rush has been making waves and tearing down liberal garbage for a long time. Even during times when it seemed like the left dominated the conversation, Rush stood strong, giving conservative Americans a voice in the darkness.

Thirty years is a long time to be fighting the good fight. Yet he has no intentions of backing down. Now in this new era of America politics, he is working even harder than before. Though conservatives are enjoying an upswing, liberals continue to fight dirty to gain a foothold in our country.

Here’s to Rush and his many years of service. Let’s hope there are many more to come.

Source: WND

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