Limbaugh UNLEASHED: This EPIC Truth Bomb About Hillary and Trump is Blowing Up The ‘Net!

I don’t often agree with Rush Limbaugh, but what he said on his show today is dead on!

The media has been the Clinton’s mouthpiece for so long, I don’t even remember a time when I trusted what they said.

If they had done their job over the years, Donald Trump wouldn’t have so much ammunition to go after them now. The Nineties produced so many Clinton scandals that were never vetted and exposed because the MSM was running screen for them instead of serving their mission in a democratic society.

So it’s a little rich listening to them whine now that Trump is actually giving all of their many skeletons much overdue public hearing!

Or as Rush said today…

And I told everybody way back when that Trump’s gonna go where nobody else goes with the Clintons.  He’s gonna go there.  And it’s not unusual for Trump to rely on tabloid data for his attacks.  He’s been doing it since the campaign began.  You gotta remember there’s lots of people that read those things.  There’s lots of people that think those things are gospel.

The Clintons are so mired in tabloid scandal that it is hard to separate the truth from the absurdities. Now there is a whole generation that don’t know about the Rose Law Firm, cattle futures, the death of Vince Foster, the rapes, the murders, the cocaine shipments into Mina Airport, and all of the rest that Donald Trump has an obligation to make sure that voters under 35 actually know who these people are!

You really want to know how to look at this? As far as the Millennials are concerned, Donald Trump is running negative ads about Hillary — or is Donald Trump doing the job the American media refuses to do? Is Donald Trump telling people who don’t know things, things they don’t know, that the media won’t tell ’em, or is he engaged in just smears?  And I think the odds are it’s gonna be seen as the opposite.  I think it’s gonna be seen as Trump doing the job the American media and the Republican Party won’t do.

Preach it, Brother Rush!

Source: Rush Limbaugh

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