Little Girl’s Revenge On Muslim Molester Will Make You Cheer…Judges Reaction is EVEN BETTER!

This is the feel good story of the day, as told by Mad World News…

A 50-year-old Muslim man evaded jail time with only community service after sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl. Just after his release, he managed to move into the child’s neighborhood, terrifying the mother and daughter with his presence. As if the child’s horrific molestation wasn’t terrifying enough, the pedophile was allowed to move near his victim[.]

The court screwed up and allowed him to move in down the street, forcing her to see him and be re-victimized for 6 years until…

After years of anxiety, disgust, and the offense of seeing her attacker walk free, the then 14-year-old victim decided to take justice into her own hands, serving up a cold dish of brutal, yet well-deserved, vengeance. The Telegraph & Argus reports that the child confronted her molester, telling him, “I’m going to kill you,” before plunging a large kitchen knife into his heart.

Unfortunately, the monster lived, in a rare case of the British health care system working well. But the judge proved that common sense and compassion is not dead.

The judge dropped the attempted murder charge, ordering that the girl receive help at a two-year youth rehabilitation center. He also lifted the appalling legal order protecting Boota’s identity from the media and refused to condemn the victim’s retaliation.

Judge Durham Hall also refused to order the girl and her mother to pay the mandatory victim surcharge, adding, “If anyone tries to force you, I will pay it myself.”

Source: Mad News World

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