Live TV Audience DROWNS Out CNN…THREE WORDS Have Them In A Panic! [WATCH]

Who wants to bet that when this election is over, television networks will quietly stop airing live shows with members of the public making up the background?

Increasingly, those crowds have proven to be unpredictable and even hostile to the hosts. Maybe it has to do with the way they impugn that audience and the American people.

It’s no wonder that CNN has been the target of these interruptions, given its nickname, the “Clinton News Network.”  They just can’t stop chanting one particular phrase while CNN criticizes Trump:

As if once wasn’t enough, here they come again.

Before and after the debate, CNN correspondents on a panel were talking about how Hillary Clinton will win the election, trying and failing to ignore the countless chants of “lock her up” behind them.

The crowd was overwhelming and you could see the presenters starting to panic, flub their lines and stutter.

Some will dismiss these incidents as representative of a small number of Americans.

However, others believe they reflect the mood of millions of voters. The only way to find out for sure is to see whether or not Trump really does make it the White House and actually gets the power to lock Hillary Clinton up.

Credit: Yes I’m Right

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