BREAKING: Local Official Locks Trump Supporters Out Of Rally…Guess Who He Works For?

When you have thousands of people under one roof, especially if excitement and emotions are running high, safety is of the utmost concern.

Thanks to strict regulations, Americans rarely experience the kinds of preventable mass tragedies that were once commonplace in crowded theaters and circuses.

Now it’s been revealed that one official might have used these regulations to shut down a Donald Trump rally, effectively depriving countless Americans of their right to freely assemble, and Trump’s right to speak.

According to Conservative Tribune:

The event was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, a venue that can seat well over 4,000 people, but Fire Marshal Kevin O’Connor limited the size of the event to 1,000 people. (…)

It would appear as though O’Conner is part of the Democrat machine via Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, who is also a Democrat.

Just the day before Trump’s rally in Columbus, Mayor Ginther had campaigned with Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

It’s unclear from this report whether or not the fire marshal was acting on orders from the mayor. Perhaps lawyers for the Trump camp, or even a concerned local citizen, could file a civil rights lawsuit to see if the fire marshall’s decision violated any federal election or free speech statutes.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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