Look What Officers Just Did For Daughter Of Slain Border Agent, This Is Going Viral

Despite the slander from the left, border patrol agents put their lives on the line to protect our country.

These brave men and women tirelessly watch our borders. They are that thin blue line that keeps out drug dealers, cartel members, human traffickers, and other violent criminals.

Sometimes they pay the ultimately price to keep us safe. Such was the case with Border Patrol Agent Leopoldo Cavazos. His death left his young daughter fatherless.

To respect his sacrifice and to give her a special day, several border patrol agents escorted this young girl on her first day at school.

From Montgomery County Police Reporter:

Harris County Constable Mark Herman’s Office represented by Lieutenant Lance Rogers, Deputy Juvenal Saenz and Deputy Burt Jeukeng, had the pleasure to escort the daughter of slain Border Patrol Agent Leopoldo Cavazos’ daughter Audrey to her 1st day of school.

Other Border Patrol Agents along with Constable Herman’s Deputies were Honored to be a part of this VERY SPECIAL DAY for Audrey and her Mom!


When a law enforcement officer is slain in the line of duty, it’s easy for their family to feel left behind. They lost a father or mother, a close friend and supporter. For the rest of their lives they must soldier one without them.

That’s why it’s so important for their comrades in uniform to offer support and help, in their time of need. These officers were showing the Cavazos family that they are not forgotten. Agent Leopoldo’s daughter will not be neglected, especially on her special day.

It is heartwarming to see these men take the time to escort this little girl to her school. The smiles on everyone’s faces are genuine.

Hopefully the memory of this day will be cherished by Audrey for years to come.

Source: MCPR

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