Look What Revolutionary Hero Statue Got Beheaded—Americans, Patriots Enraged

The events in Charlottesville reopened the debate over Confederate and historical monuments and statues in a big way.

There are groups that want to see the sins of our nation’s past kept out of sight, and some folks are even taking matters into their own hands.

While few rational folks would completely dismiss a call to have a reasonable debate on the topic, those that destroy and damage things just because they feel like it do little but cause further problems.

The Daily Wire shares news on one of the latest incidents.

On Friday, Crawford County, Ohio, employees confirmed that the statue of Colonel William Crawford outside the Crawford County Courthouse had been decapitated.

The county is named for Crawford, who served in the French and Indian and Revolutionary wars and was killed by Native Americans in 1782.

Crawford County sheriff Scott Kent said authorities were unclear as to when the vandalism took place. Attorney Joel Spitzer said he has photos as recently as August 20 showing the statue unharmed. He added, “It’s actually quite shocking to see this in little old Bucyrus, where we really have little connection to what’s going on in the south. … William Crawford was from the Revolutionary War and the French and Indian War, so I thought he was fairly safe,” calling the vandalism “a pitiful display of what someone thinks or feels.”

While it’s unclear exactly why the statue was vandalized in such frightening fashion, Spitzer has some ideas.

Spitzer stated, “I think it might be some sense of carryover from Charlottesville, and it may not be someone who knew the history of Colonel Crawford but it may be monkey see, monkey do.” He is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who provides information about the vandalism that leads to an arrest and conviction. He said, “I consider the courthouse a true gem of the county. So many people work hard to keep things nice and if something like that happens, people need to be held accountable.”

Crawford was a lifelong friend of George Washington; he surveyed with him, fought in Washington’s Virginia Regiment during the French and Indian War. Crawford led his regiment in the Battle of Long Island, crossed the Delaware with Washington and fought at the battles of Trenton and Princeton in the Revolutionary War.

If this is in fact some form of a ‘protest’ and not just a random act of despicable vandalism, then it’s further confirmation that we have some serious problems afoot.

The mob mentality that has consumed some folks in the wake of Charlottesville is nothing short of scary, and it needs to be brought under control.

Forming and presenting a well-framed argument would work wonders for those that want the monuments removed, but there’s no sign of one emerging anytime soon.

In the meantime, it’s becoming quite apparent that surveillance cameras are a necessity to help stamp out those that decide to take things into their own hands.

Source: Daily Wire

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