Boom: Look Who Just Got Nailed With MASSIVE Voter Fraud…Democrats Go Into MELTDOWN Mode!

Remember when liberals mocked President Trump for saying Democrats engage in voter fraud and rig the system?

Or the Democrats who believed 2016 must have been stolen from under their noses?

Democrats blindly think they can’t lose in a fair fight, but it turns out they never plan on fighting fairly—or even legally.

Trump recently launched a major investigation into voter fraud, and it’s turning up some stunning results:

Now the joke is on them, because 12 Democrats in Indiana from the progressive advocacy group Patriot Majority USA have been charged with voter fraud.

As reported by the Associated Press:

State Police began investigating the group in August after a clerk in Hendricks County near Indianapolis flagged about a dozen registration forms that had missing or suspicious information. That investigation expanded to 56 counties where Patriot Majority said it had collected about 45,000 voter registration applications before last November’s election.

All 12 defendants face one count each of procuring or submitting voter registration applications known to be false, fictitious or fraudulent. Eleven of them face one perjury count each, while the 12th — their supervisor — faces one count of counterfeiting.

This case is not an example of a few simple misunderstandings. These 12 leftists did not just make a mistake on their registration forms.

They actively made an effort to undermine American democracy, and they should be punished to the full extent of the law for doing so.

One of the many aspects of the United States of America that makes it an exceptional nation is its commitment to fair and free elections. Unfortunately, this seems to no longer be the case for one of the country’s major political parties.

As we now know, the Democratic Party will stop at nothing to enact its progressive agenda. Even if it means they have to break the law in order to get it, the Democrats only want power over the American people.

The disgusting actions of these 12 beyond vindicate President Trump and other Republicans who called out the vast voter fraud schemes that elected Barack Obama and tried to elect Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats called them crazy: “There isn’t any evidence,” they would say. “Conservatives are just paranoid!”

I ask this: Who is paranoid now, now that one of numerous liberal voter registration groups was just exposed as a fraud?

The roof is caving in on the Left. They accuse distant nations of meddling in our elections, but now everyone sees that they themselves meddled more than anyone else.

In a way, these revelations are a good sign.

First, they show us the true power of the American people: Donald Trump was elected president even though he had to fight through a massive voter fraud effort to elect his opponent.

Second, they show us that law enforcement authorities are actually investigating this issue and not just pushing it under the rug like the Democrats want. Perhaps we will hear about more charges in the near future.

Third, they show us how truly unpopular the Democratic platform has become amongst real Americans. When the only people in middle American who want to vote for Democrats are people who do not even exist, we see how liberalism really only appeals to the elites.

Nevertheless, let us always remain vigilant. The Left will never abandon its quest to attack American values with corruption and fraud, and we must do everything in our power to stop them.

Source: Associated Press

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