SHOCK! Trump’s Special Guests At Weekend Rally Have Democrats In A Panic!

As we get closer and closer to the national party conventions, speculation is high.

The media is still fighting hard against Donald Trump, trying to deflate his momentum.

Many of them have claimed that long-time Republicans will abandoned their party, in favor of Clinton or another candidate.

Despite the growing support from key conservative leaders in favor of Trump, the hold to this idea.

However, we are seeing signs of the exact opposite. Not only are Republicans coming out in support of the business mogul, an entirely unexpected group is voicing their support for Donald Trump.

They showed up this past weekend at his Rolling Thunder rally, announcing they will vote for the Republican candidate.

You’ll never guess who they were.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to Newsmax, quite a number of Democrats and independents were among the Trump supporters who were at the candidate’s appearance Sunday at Rolling Thunder, the annual gathering of motorcycling veterans at the Lincoln Memorial.

It seems, in fact, many long time Democrats are jumping ship, for a variety of reasons. Some of their motivation stems from Obama’s poor performance over the last eight years.

I’m a Democrat and I’m voting for Trump,” said Roger Rollins, a U.S. Army veteran who came from Clarksburg, West Virginia, for Rolling Thunder.

Although a Democrat, Rollins admitted that back in 2012, he didn’t vote for Obama. But Rollins also said he “didn’t like either of the Bushes, and I don’t want Hillary Clinton. I don’t trust her at all.”

Rollins said he voted for Bill Clinton, but felt that Obama “killed the coal business” and engaged in “too much s*** overseas.” Trump, he says, “will straighten things like this out.”

Rollins isn’t the only Democrat voicing that opinion. Many are upset over the direction Obama has taken our country. Although they’ve supported notable Democrats in the past, they just can’t get behind a suspicious figure like Hillary Clinton.

Another Democrat — Bill Medina from Gainesville, Virginia — agreed. “Trump is a billionaire, and no one is going to buy him,” Medina said. While he previously voted for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Medina plans to go with The Donald this fall.

“The economy needs to operate differently so we won’t lose jobs,” Medina, a former defense plant employee, said. “Trump understands this. And he’ll balance the budget so there is money to protect our shores.” (Conservative Tribune)

It seems the best interests of the nation are more important than political parties, at least to some people. They know what many already know: Donald Trump is the country’s best chance at turning things around. Clinton is just not trustworthy enough; many people are seeing this.

If this trend continues, who knows how few supporters the Clinton’s will have come November?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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