WATCH: Lyin’ Hillary FINALLY Promises To Be Honest! There’s Only ONE Condition…

More and more we see the double standard Bill and Hillary live by. They want us to trust us, without proof that they can be trusted.

They want us to elect Hillary, without any proof she is honest leader. She wants to be given power over the nation first, then we can all trust and follow her lead.

Sorry, Clintons, it doesn’t work that way. You have to prove to the American voter you are worthy of our support. You don’t earn it after the fact.

Yet the Clintons believe this is their country. It should be run their way, not the Constitutions. The nation by the people and for the people,—it’s really just a playground in which Hillary can have her way.

Just like Bill saying the Clinton Foundation won’t take foreign money, so long as Hillary is elected, they are now saying they’ll be honest, if she’s elected.

From Clash Daily:

Just like they were honest last time around? How about when Hillary testified about Benghazi? When she had her little chat with the FBI?…

Do YOU believe the Clintons will tell the truth if Hillary is elected?

Hillary said they were ‘broke’ when Bill left the White House, and now they’re worth about $100 million. But it wasn’t ‘Pay for Play’.

[From the Daily Wire] In 2008, the CEO of the Clinton Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding explicitly stating that “Apart for attendance fees for [Clinton Global Initiative], CGI will not accept contributions from foreign governments. CGI will also suspend plans for CGI-International events outside the United States during any service by Senator Clinton at the State Department.”

This was nonsense. As Ed Morrissey of HotAir points out, “The Washington Post reported in November that the foundation had to restate six years of tax documents to account for previously undisclosed revenue from foreign governments…. it was the not-conservative Associated Press that later reported that corporate foundation donors had unprecedented access to the Secretary of State while Hillary ran Foggy Bottom, too.”

There is zero evidence that the Clinton’s will be honest. We already saw how a Clinton behaved as president in the 90’s. Do we really want that again?

Let’s not forget recent history. As secretary of state, Hillary manipulated foreign nations, gave out favors to donors, and ran an unprotected email server in violation of federal regulations.

How do you think she’ll behave as president?

Now they tell us they’ll be honest, pinky swear. Why should we believe them?

Source: Clash Daily

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