WHOA! Major Bush Insider Just Came Out For Trump…THIS IS A Yuge Game Changer!

Bush world has not been very supportive of the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump.

Both Bush sons and Papa have refused to endorse as have major figures of the Bush era including Karl Rove, Andy Card and Ken Mehlman, among others.

However there has been some softening since Trump saw off his last two GOP rivals, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Just last week, Bush’s VP Dick Cheney threw his weight behind Trump.

And now another major Bush figure has done the same, although I doubt we will see him campaigning or raising money for The Donald.

Conservative Tribune has the details…

John Bolton was one of George W. Bush’s top officials and a prominent Donald Trump holdout. However, in an interview with Radio America, the former U.N. ambassador says he’s backing Trump over Hillary Clinton in November because “if the country’s not safe, everything else is secondary.”

“I believe this is a binary choice,” Bolton said. “The next president will either be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, unless Hillary gets indicted. Talk about a third-party candidate, I think, is badly misplaced.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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