Anyone who wants to see what a Hillary presidency would be like, as far as concerning the results of mass immigration of Syrian and other middle eastern refugees to America, need look no further than the current situation in western Europe.

Specifically, Germany under the leadership of Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

To say that Germans are dissatisfied with how Chancellor Merkel has handled the immigrant crime problem would be a gross understatement. To put it bluntly, they are furious. Angry enough, in fact, to give Ms. Merkel the “heave ho” by voting her out of office by a large margin.

From the Daily Mail:

Angela Merkel yesterday described the concept of multiculturalism as ‘living a lie’ and finally admitted it was time to end the relentless flow of refugees into Europe.

The German Chancellor confessed her country would be ‘overwhelmed’ unless she took action as the number of asylum-seekers arriving there this year topped one million.

Since she dramatically opened Germany’s doors to refugees in August, the continent has been besieged with hundreds of thousands of people wanting to get there.

But ahead of an EU summit on Thursday, she restated her long-term opposition to multi-culturalism, saying: ‘Multi-kulti leads to parallel societies and is a living lie. Integration is the opposite.’ 

But this was all ‘too little too late’ for the German people that have had to deal with rampant crime, violence and rape from their Syrian “guests.”

From the Daily Mail:

Mrs Merkel attempted to defend her August decision, which drew hundreds of thousands to Europe, claiming it was a ‘humanitarian imperative’. She appealed to the party’s sense of history, saying that the same strength that allowed it ‘to rebuild from the rubble of the war to create the economic miracle, and to go from division to a reunified country’ would get Germany through the crisis.

Most likely we will hear the same type of rhetoric from Hillary and she would end up making the same mistakes as Chancellor Merkel.

Liberal America had better sit up and take notice because this is what’s coming to the good ole USA if measures are not taken to stop it. President Obama has even been accused of sneaking immigrants into America, secretly! This invasion needs to be nipped in the bud or ‘Americanism’ itself will disappear from history and exist only as a footnote!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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