MASSIVE Border Development ROCKS America…Illegals Are Panicking!

Under President Obama America was up for grabs.

His disastrous policies did not put Americans first, but anyone that wanted to exploit our country. This was true of big, global powers, that wanted to plunder our economy and resources, while outsourcing jobs to other countries.

This was especially true in the area of illegal immigration. Obama frequently turned a blind eye to the massive influx of illegal’s from other countries, hoping that they would stick around and vote democrat. This toxic policy weakened our national security, economy, and way of life, as unprecedented numbers of undocumented illegal’s flooded our communities.

Natives of other countries were empowered to sneak into our country, knowing that Obama and his government would not deport them.

Ah, how times have changed. President Trump campaigned strongly on defending our borders and ending illegal immigration. His promise of a border wall across Mexico is only a part of his efforts to restore the American economy and put U.S. citizens first.

And even before the border wall is erected we are seeing what a difference real leadership makes.

From Allen B. West:

According to The Washington Times, Sometime around November, word began to trickle back down the spine of Latin America: The U.S. was getting stricter about letting in Haitians at the border…

Six months ago, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers manning the ports of entry were encountering more than 100 Haitians a day. By March, only weeks into Mr. Trump’s tenure, that had dropped to just 100 for the entire month — down a stunning 97 percent.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican who was one of the first to expose the surge of Haitians last year and has tracked the issue since, said all it took was a commitment of enforcement to stem the flow.

“The fact that these numbers are not just down, but so significantly reduced, is a direct credit to the Trump administration,” said Joe Kasper, Mr. Hunter’s chief of staff. “It shows what a message of enforcement first signals to the rest of the world and the extent to which the Obama administration’s policies were a problem.”

Just knowing that Trump is tough on illegal immigration has deterred thousands from trying to sneak in. All it took was for the president to actually enforce our existing laws, empowering our law enforcement to actually do their job.

Knowing that immigration agencies would catch and deport anyone that tries to get in was enough to keep many Haitians out of the country. Hmm, it’s as if over the last six years, our president wasn’t even doing his job.

But now that we have a leader that cares about the safety of Americans–rather than the well fare of other countries–we are seeing a decline of illegal entry.

It will only get better from here.

Source: Allen B. West

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