Boom: Another Massive Company Adds Jobs in US…Even Trump Is Stunned!

Even though Trump has yet to take the White House, his words and influence have been bringing great change to our country.

We’ve talked about the companies who have vowed to keep or bring jobs back to the United States, thanks to Trump’s influence. We’ve seen the stock market surge and Christmas shopping exceed expectations, thanks to renewed confidence by Americans.

Clearly the outspoken and effective negotiator can make things happen, even without the power of the executive office behind him.

In recent weeks we’ve seen events unfold that seem to suggest a last minute effort by the Obama administration to either undermine Trump’s future presidency, or solidify some of their toxic policies.

Yet Trump is unwavering in his commitment to lead this country and do right by it.

From Zero Hedge:

Then the president-elect turned to jobs, and again speaking to reporters gathered at Mar-a-lago, Trump said management at the phone company Sprint, which will add 5,000 people to its U.S. workforce, and OneWeb, a new technology company that plans to bring on 3,000 workers, called to inform him of their decisions on Wednesday. The new jobs at both companies appear to be related to an announcement Trump made earlier this month about an investment by Japanese tech company SoftBank, which said it will introduce 50,000 new jobs into the country.

Trump’s influence on our country is palpable.  He is bringing back a spirit of industry and rebuilding nAmerican companies with the expectation of an open playing field, lower taxes and protection for our own.

We keep expecting the media to start reporting on all the “horrible” things that are happening because of Trump, but even they know the only evidence of his effect on the job and stock markets is wildly positive.  Now all Trump has to do is follow through on his promises to put policies in place that will bring the American economy roaring back.

Source: Zero Hedge

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