WHERE IS CNN? Massive Crowds Take to Streets, Protest Flood of Muslim Immigration…No Media Coverage

Recently Chancellor Merkel of Germany announced she will be accepting 1,000,000 Muslim migrants from Syria.

After the unacceptable death toll in Paris, due to the influx of dangerous individuals from the Middle East, Europeans have had enough.

The announcement from Merkel sparked more than a little controversy among German citizens. More than 20,000 protestors gathered in Dresden. They came together to stand against the “Islamization of the West.” Just take a look at this video:

But despite this impressive turnout, major news networks in America refused to cover it. There was a shocking lack of media coverage for this event. Despite boasting that their news coverage covers the globe, outlets like CNN did not report this important event.

Now why could that be? Is not the gathering of 20,000 citizens newsworthy? Does not the German population have a right for their voices to be heard? After all, they are merely gathering out of the real need to protect their families and way of life.

The fact that this protest came just weeks before the Paris attacks, proves that this group was on the right track.

If European officials do nothing to counteract the potential of Islamic-inspired violence, gatherings like this are sure to continue. The people of Europe won’t sit by and allow their land to be terrorized. The question is, will the rest of the world even hear about them?

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